The Republic of Cyprus has taken a stance officially against the chemical spraying (Chemtrails) and Geoengineering

For a number of years now, in parallel with the international mobilization for reduction of the industrial pollution that is responsible for climate change, in certain scientific institutes of the United States, Britain and elsewhere, the theory of geoengineering has been under development.

Geoengineering has to do specifically with intervening in climatic conditions with the assistance of technology. The most recent version of geoengineering has over the last twenty years involved itself with techniques that would reduce the effects of greenhouse gases on the Earth’s climate. Within the framework of geoengineering various projects are being promoted, such as for example the well-known project of aerial spraying with particles of aluminium and barium which, for example, takes the appearance in the sky of suspicious looking aerial spraying trails, better known as chemtrails. According to “The Guardian” newspaper, the CIA and NASA have already funded relevant research and the University of Cambridge regularly organizes seminars on the subject.

Following actions by the House of Representatives at the demand of the parliamentarian of the Ecologists Mr. George Perdikis, sampling and chemical analysis of rainwater and atmospheric air was carried out by the departments of Meteorology and Forests respectively. The responsible minister informed the House of Representatives that on the basis of the findings of the relevant analyses the conclusion cannot be drawn that any aerial spraying is being carried out in the atmosphere of Cyprus.

The Minister maintained that it cannot be corroborated that experiments and research employing chemical aerial spraying for the purpose of artificially shaping climatic conditions in the Republic of Cyprus.

Finally, the Minister of Agriculture, Farm Development and Environment assured the House of Represerntatives that the Republic of Cyprus does not support any interference with the atmosphere for the purpose of changing climatic conditions, through aerial spraying that might affect the environment and human health.

The Ecological Movement greeted the clear position statement of the Cypriot government against chemical aerial spraying (chemtrails) and geoengineering. Our observations and data lead us to insist that there are definite indications of chemical aerial spraying in the skies of Cyprus. We do not consider that the study that was conducted by the responsible authorities was comprehensive and complete.

Cyprus Green Party

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