Crocodile farm: An idea that is too hard to die

The case with the scheduled crocodile farm at Psematismenos area, is making a comeback, in a revised version and a stronger support from higher levels of power.

Today the Exam Committee of Review Studies on Environment Impact is re-examining the case and accepts powerful pressures in order to approve the request under specific terms.

The Cyprus Green Party expresses its full disagreement and calls the authorities in charge to reject the powerful businessman’s request.

Cyprus needs and welcomes investment proposals which promote sustainable development, offer quality jobs and upgrade the quality of life and the environment. We don’t need any more “dirty” enterprises, which pollute the country. We don’t any more high risk investments that terrorizes people and waste our water resources.

In Cyprus we don’t have the expertise to maintain and properly work a crocodile farm. We don’t have the climate or the skills, neither the knowledge nor the experience for such a complicated livestock activity. It can’t even be fully controlled by the authorities, which also don’t have the necessary knowledge.

We wonder: why do some people keep

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