A meeting took place on Friday 02 September at Cyprus Greens headquarters between the President of the Cyprus Greens – Citizens Cooperation, Mr. Charalambos Theopemptou, and Mrs. Henrike Hahn – Member of the European Parliament for the German Greens. Henrike Hahn has significant activity in the European Parliament and is a member of the Industry, Research and Energy, and Finance Committees.

During the meeting, issues concerning the migration problem in Cyprus, the role of Turkey and the violations of the Cyprus EEZ, the management of urban waste in neighboring countries, the pollution of the Eastern Mediterranean, and the issue concerning copyright and digital services were discussed.

Within the framework of dialogue and exchange of views, ways to improve cooperation between the Green Parties of Cyprus and Germany and the policies of some European countries to support people in the field of culture and writing were also discussed.

In his statements, the President of Cyprus Greens especially thanked Henrike Hahn and stated that: «We had the opportunity to discuss many issues, and Henrike’s knowledge and advice were very useful. These combined with her responsibilities in the European Parliament for the economy and the interface between industry and the environment, as well as her many years of participation in various positions in the German Greens, make her a valuable advisor and ally of our Party. I thank her again for her time».

In her statements, Henrike Hahn stated that: «Cyprus is an important member state of the EU and Europe is interested in a stable, peaceful situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and Southern Europe. Turkish military sable rattling will not change that.

Cyprus will have to play an important role in achieving the EU climate and environmental goals and has a vested interest in combatting climate change being even more affected by it in the coming years.

I want to thank Mr. Theopemptou for his expertise on important environmental and political matters. We had a valuable meeting and an exchange of information on important questions, such as rising energy costs, energy security, energy poverty, job creation, and the importance of accelerating the implementation of the EU Green Deal in Europe.

I am looking forward to continuing working with Mr. Theopemptou to contribute to a successful green transition that benefits Cyprus in particular. »