The Cyprus Greens – Citizens Cooperation is organizing a public consultation with organizations and people who are interested in animal welfare. We consider that the state and the society cannot be proud of their attitude regarding the situation on animal welfare and protection in Cyprus, until today.

On one hand the state is unable to adopt and implement legislations touching the essence of animal welfare and on the other hand the society doesn’t seem to change attitude on the aforementioned matters.

The Cyprus Greens – Citizens Cooperation asks from organizations and citizens their opinion for ways in which a political strategy could be established for animal welfare issues. During the public consultation all the suggestions will be documented in order to create a work group that will prepare an overall plan.

The consultation will take place today March 2nd, at 6:00p.m. at the Journalist House in Nicosia, at the presence of the President of the Cyprus Greens – Citizens Cooperation, Mr. George Perdikes.


Cyprus Greens – Citizens Cooperation