The Cyprus Green Party vehemently condemns the brutal crime that took place last Friday night. It seems that unknown assailants murdered five sheep, paralysed two and caused deadly harm to two guard dogs, leaving them to agonisingly bleed to death. Another pedigree dog was stolen.

The 1st vice-president of the party mr Adonis Yiangou stated the following:

“We call upon the police to deal with this case as a serious crime, that has been perpetrated by a very disturbed individual or individuals. Persons that torture and murder animals are only a step away from doing the same to a fellow human, if they haven’t already done so. In

our opinion, the responsible authorities need to cooperate to solve this crime quickly and bring the perpetrators to justice. A good example is the court decision of only last week, whereupon the owner of two dogs that kept them in dismal conditions was sentenced to two months imprisonment.

It is high time that crimes against animals are taken seriously and are investigated with the proper attention by the police and perpetrators are severely punished by the courts”.