Representatives of the Cyprus Green Party have expressed their protest for the relaxing penalties imposed by District Courts in cases of animal cruelty, during a meeting with the President of the Supreme Court.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency, the Party’s General Secretary Mr. George Perdikes, said that the Party has received many reports from animal welfare organisations about the extremely mild penalties and fines imposed by District Courts when these types of cases are presented to them.

Mr. Perdikes spoke of a very fruitful conversation, adding the President of the Supreme Court has shown a lot of interest on the issue. He added that the President of the Supreme Court may not interfere in such proceedings, due the independence District Courts enjoy, clarifying that he may intervene only in case of an appeal from the Attorney General’s office. “He explained the process through which we need to work on, in order to give him the chance to address the District Courts and ask them to implement a more strict legislation when animal cruelty is concerned”, he said.

Mr. Perdikes mentioned his Party’s worries regarding the rise in animal cruelty cases in recent times, noting that penalties implemented should discourage any repetition of such acts. He also called upon the police to document each case thoroughly before taking it to the District Courts.

Mr. Perdikes said that next week, the Limassol District Court will begin the trial of the 63 year old from Limassol, who had tied his dog to the back of his car and dragged him around for a great distance, until the poor creature died.