The Cyprus Green Party (Nicosia District Committee) questions the decision made by Strovolos Municipality, about banning dogs in the pedestrian zone of Pedieos.

We understand their fear to a large extent, regarding the presence of dogs in parks and playgrounds, although in most EU countries the responsibility of the animals falls on the owners. They are responsible for safety and hygiene and the authorities are responsible for controlling them effectively. Unfortunately in most cases, the animals are being punished or blamed for their owner’s incompetence and also the authorities’ lack of responsibility.

We appreciate the fact that Strovolos Municipality followed our suggestion by creating a special dog walking area, at the St. Demetrius Park.
It is not yet understood why the presence of dogs within a huge pedestrian area in Strovolos, in open areas and empty fields, is allowed while they are tied with a leash and under close supervision of their owners, but it is forbidden in this specific few kilometer pedestrian area.

Like humans, animals also enjoy the natural beauty of the park. So we do not understand why this senseless ban still applies. We ask the Strovolos Municipality to rethink its decision.