The Cyprus Green Party expresses its dissatisfaction for the penalty imposed by the Court for the well-known case of abuse of the dog Thunder.

We consider that such penalties are not discouraging in order to keep these kind of incidents to be repeated and certainly do not honor our society, which unfortunately is being punctuated by incidents of animal abuse.

The Cyprus Green Party has repeatedly asked for stricter penalties and for a more effective policy on animal abuse. The state has to apply this policy immediately. We have also repeatedly asked for the animal police law to be applied. We remind that the relevant legislation was voted due to the Cyprus Green Party’s suggestion on June 12, 2012 and since then a lot of steps have been made towards its implementation but unfortunately we face denial from the authorities.

One more time we call the Minister of Justice to take initiative so the law can be finally applied but also for stricter penalties to be given to those who abuse animals.

We also ask from the Attorney General to appeal the Court’s decision and to ask for a stricter penalty. We hope that the Supreme Court will proceed to a more functional decision, specifying stricter sentencing levels.